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Beaudesert U3A Inc was established in March 2011, the first courses starting that month.

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Beaudesert U3A Inc

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Email: u3abeaudesert@gmail.com

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Office Bearers:

Andy Fechner

Vice President
Lise Leatherbarrow

Yvonne Berry

Helen Atkinson

Committee members:

Course Co-ordinator
Tina Jones

Membership Secretary and
Assistant Treasurer

Michele Goucher

Publicity Officer
Cheryl Folley

Yvonne Berry

George Evans

Social Activities Facilitator
Di Johnson

Facebook Co-ordinator
Carol Castles

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Term 4 starts 6th October ends 11th December 2020.

Queensland School Term Dates for 2020 can be found on the Contents Page.

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Friday 25th September 2020 09.30am Venue 12/61-85 Brisbane St (RSL Sub Branch Upstairs).

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The official (New) U3A Network website is up and running with a link to Network News, the home page of the website and also Facebook:

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Next Social Lunch Outing

(Please read page two of O.W.L.s U3A Newsletter for details).
RSVP to Di ASAP Email - candyroxy1946@gmail.com Phone/text - 0468 849 448

Kerri Cryer from Town Cryer Media has kindly allowed us access to the Tamborine Bulletin. Click here to see photos of our last Social luncheon

New Groups and Recessions
A number of new groups have started, due to seasonal changes, some have gone into recess and some restarted. For more information, please go to current Courses button at the top of this page.

Click here for Mount Tamborine April Newsletter and Courses

Beaudesert Tennis Club Some of our members belong to the local Beaudesert Tennis Club. By reciprocal arrangement and for the benefit of members, we have agreed to a link between our Web Sites click here to go to Beaudesert Tennis Club Web Site


The University of the Third Age is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars and artists, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

The overall aim of Beaudesert U3A Inc. is to provide the members with both the stimulus of mental and physical activity and the satisfaction of a continuing contribution to society. It will enable them to take up new interests and to extend old ones. It will offer the joy of learning for the sake of learning: it will open up new horizons for them - unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications, and it will do so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of the members. It is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

Beaudesert U3A promotes the joy of learning for the sake of learning, and seeks to open up new horizons for its members unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications. It does so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of members.

The history of U3A and how they operate is on this page.

New course – “Canine Manners and Etiquette”

If you’re a dog owner, here is the chance to fine-tune all those small aspects of canine behavior which add up to a well-behaved animal that’s not only your best friend, but makes the neighbors happy as well!

This new eight-week course starts on Thursday, October 8, from 9.00 am until 10.30 at the Lions Bicentennial Park in Beaudesert.

One of our members, Karen Goebel, has an extensive background as a dog obedience judge for the Australian National Kennel Council and was a member of the Canine Control Council (QLD) for more than 50 years, before stepping down from most of her engagements last year.

She has choreographed and presented many dog obedience displays at school fetes and agricultural shows, including the EKKA. Karen is now volunteering to teach this local course and will repeat it in the New Year if there is plenty of interest.

Karen is a great advocate for a happy and well trained dog and says both owners and pets will have fun learning her simple routines.

Participants will need to wear closed-in shoes and sun protection, plus bring water for themselves and their dog (plus a bowl for the dog!)

Contact our course coordinator Tina at 0418 780 861 or Karen at 5546 0858 for further details or to enroll.

Canine dog course Canine dog course Canine dog course Canine dog course

Karen Goebel with Ollie (Tan) and Tillie (Black).

Cheryl Folley
Publicity Officer

TAG Plans

Something new to try during lockdown – and beyond!

You can discover the “virtual classroom” which is being offered through Beaudesert U3A and our membership of an autonomous, worldwide group, U3A Online.
With the coronavirus lockdown still part of our lives, we can’t go out and join a group – but we can communicate and learn via online courses.
Beaudesert U3A members can take up one or more listed courses as part of the Beaudesert group membership of U3A Online.

This wide variety of courses comes under several general headings:
• Lifestyle
• Nature
• Science
• World affairs and history

To check out the background and the full list of options, Click here to go to www.u3aonline.org.au website.

While individual membership of U3A Online costs $30 plus separate fees for selected courses, our members can gain virtually free access to one or more courses for the total Beaudesert membership fee of $25 – with the bonus that once the coronavirus lockdown is over, you’ll be eligible for any of our 20+ locally-run classes as well as continuing with your online groups. Course members study at home and use an online discussion forum to “talk” to each other. They’re given their own U3A group’s log-in and password.

Where to start? The list seems endless, but a few options include: Australian flora, writing for pleasure or writing your family history; introduction to IT skills; improving your camera skills. The person to contact for more information is U3A Beaudesert course coordinator Tina Jones at email t.j.16@bigpond.com or mobile 0418 780 861.

Mosaics:- Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us...

One birthday is all very well, but as members of the Beaudesert U3A mosaics group agree, 18 all together is so much better! And if it is a cool but peaceful day in a rural park with a campfire and plenty of delicious food, who could wish for more?

Members of the group recently decided that with numbers growing and birthdays popping up constantly, it would be better to include everyone in a single, giant celebration.
“So we chose mid-year, thinking that it’s a good time, a bit like Christmas in July or the official racehorse birthday on August 1st… something to look forward to in winter,” said mosaics coordinator Tina Jones.

“We all brought something to eat, plus everyone contributed a birthday present up to $10 value to someone whose name they drew out of a hat, and we had non-alcoholic champagne to suit the mood but also remembering that we were all driving home.”

The group met at the Andrew Drynan Park on the Lions Road outside Rathdowney, where the caretaker Barry even built a campfire for their arrival.
“It’s a magic area, just about five kilometres from the NSW border and was quite deserted on the day, although certainly not always like that, so we were lucky,” Tina said. “With Covid-19 restrictions we had to put a bit of thought into where to go.

Now that it has been so successful, we’ll have to continue next year and perhaps to the same park – it could become a tradition!”

Be Healthy flyer

Cheryl Folley
Publicity Officer

Birthday camp    
Cheryl Folley
Publicity Officer

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