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Beaudesert U3A Inc was established in March 2011, the first courses starting that month.

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Member of U3A Network Queensland

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ABN 88 945 460 759

Contact address:

Beaudesert U3A Inc

P.O. Box 561
Beaudesert, Qld, 4285
Ph: 0408 801780

Email: u3abeaudesert@gmail.com

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Office Bearers:

Andy Fechner

Vice President
Lise Leatherbarrow

Yvonne Berry

Helen Atkinson

Committee members:

Course Co-ordinator
Laurel Fechner

Membership Secretary and
Assistant Treasurer

Michele Goucher

Publicity Officer
Cheryl Folley

Yvonne Berry

George Evans

Social Activities Facilitators
Di Johnson
Pat Millard

Facebook Co-ordinator
Finella Loch

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Term 1 starts Tuesday 28th January 2020 and ends on Friday 3rd April 2020.

Queensland School Term Dates for 2020 can be found on the Contents Page.

Next Committee Meeting
Friday 31st January 2020 10.00am Venue 12/61-85 Brisbane St (RSL Sub Branch Upstairs).

Important Notices

U3A Network
The official (New) U3A Network website is up and running with a link to Network News, the home page of the website and also Facebook:

click here to go to U3A State Web Network News

click here to go to U3A State Web Site

Click here to go to U3A State Website Facebook Page

Click here to go to Brisbane U3A Web Site

Next Social Lunch Outing

To be arranged

(Please read page three of O.W.L.s U3A Newsletter for details).
RSVP to Di ASAP Email - candyroxy1946@gmail.com Phone/text - 0468 849 448

New Groups and Recessions
A number of new groups have started, due to seasonal changes, some have gone into recess and some restarted. For more information, please go to the time table for term 4 in the contents page.

Click here for Mount Tamborine April Newsletter and Courses

Beaudesert Tennis Club Some of our members belong to the local Beaudesert Tennis Club. By reciprocal arrangement and for the benefit of members, we have agreed to a link between our Web Sites click here to go to Beaudesert Tennis Club Web Site


The University of the Third Age is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars and artists, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

The overall aim of Beaudesert U3A Inc. is to provide the members with both the stimulus of mental and physical activity and the satisfaction of a continuing contribution to society. It will enable them to take up new interests and to extend old ones. It will offer the joy of learning for the sake of learning: it will open up new horizons for them - unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications, and it will do so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of the members. It is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

Beaudesert U3A promotes the joy of learning for the sake of learning, and seeks to open up new horizons for its members unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications. It does so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of members.

The history of U3A and how they operate is on this page.

So you'd like to know more about us

That’s easy! Just come along to the Beaudesert U3A annual Open Day, to be held from 10 am to 12.30 pm on Friday, January 24 at the RSL club function room in William street.

This is when we assemble many of our tutors and members to explain and demonstrate some of the 20+ activities run by U3A before the new term begins in the week of January 28. You’ll also be offered a free morning tea and plenty of chances to chat with like-minded residents.

(For a run-down on our offerings, check the list on this website Here). The list includes line dancing and mosaics, which are both being offered for you to experience over a number of weeks as part of the Scenic Rim Regional Council’s program, Be Healthy and Active, with no membership fee and only a small weekly contribution for incidentals.

While other activities are open only to members, most tutors are happy if you wish to visit and observe to see if you are interested in that particular class. If you have already decided to join U3A, our treasury team will be on hand at Open Day.

 Cheryl Folley
 U3A Publicity Officer

Record turn-out for our Christmas lunch

There was a real buzz at our recent Christmas lunch at the Beaudesert RSL, with a record 160+ members and friends enjoying a three-course meal and heaps of raffle and lucky door prizes.

Santa was caught having a quick cuddle with vice president Lise Leatherbarrow (no wonder, behind the beard was her husband John). And our treasurer Helen Atkinson went home with a basket of goodies for being the "best dressed in Christmas theme" from a wide field of contenders.

This was a real test for RSL staff, delivering three courses promptly to the sea of tables, and also for our U3A committee members who were busy helping out at the front door, raffle table, 100 board and with membership renewals.
With Maestro Fechner (our president Andy) in charge, no wonder it all went happily.

We'll be back next year with most of our courses and a couple of new ones, calligraphy and our new travel group. See you then!

 Cheryl Folley
 U3A Publicity Officer

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We're back with activities for 2020

Final 2020 publicity

 Cheryl Folley
 U3A Publicity Officer


 Cheryl Folley
 U3A Publicity Officer

Scenic Rim try before you buy

 Cheryl Folley
 U3A Publicity Officer

Web Story new TAG group

U3A's Jigsaw Library is a mental challenge!

Jigsaw History

Jigsaw History
   Cheryl Folley

Beaucare Bus Trip information.

For the convenience of U3A members Beaucare Bus trip information has been included on a separate page. Please make bookings through the Telephone number listed on that page. Beaucare Bus Trips

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