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Beaudesert U3A Inc was established in March 2011, the first courses starting that month.

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Beaudesert U3A Inc
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Email: u3abeaudesert@gmail.com

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Office Bearers:

Brendan Dever

Vice President
Tina Jones

Val Salama

Peter Venz

Committee members:

Course Co-ordinator
Tina Jones

Publicity Officer
Diane Rewko

Newsletter Editor
Denise Martin

Web Manager
Peter Venz

Social Activities Facilitator
Di Johnson

Social Media Manager
Pat Hughes

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Term 4 starts 3rd October 2023 and finishes 8th December 2023.

Queensland School Term Dates for 2023 can be found on the Contents Page.

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Friday 13th October 2023 09:30am Venue: GTM Studio 21 (Shop 21, 115 Brisbane Street)

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The next social lunch will be Friday 27 October, from 11:30am at the venue TBA

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A number of new groups have started, due to seasonal changes, some have gone into recess and some restarted. For more information, please go to current Courses button at the top of this page.

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The University of the Third Age is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars and artists, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

The overall aim of Beaudesert U3A Inc. is to provide the members with both the stimulus of mental and physical activity and the satisfaction of a continuing contribution to society. It will enable them to take up new interests and to extend old ones. It will offer the joy of learning for the sake of learning: it will open up new horizons for them - unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications, and it will do so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of the members. It is a mutual aid self-help movement - a modern community of scholars, catering primarily for people in the Third Age of their lives.

Beaudesert U3A promotes the joy of learning for the sake of learning, and seeks to open up new horizons for its members unrestricted by the requirements of vocation or the desire for qualifications. It does so, principally by drawing upon the extensive life experience, skills and energies of members.

The history of U3A and how they operate is on this page.


Link to the conference website U3A Network State Conference 2024 – Beaudesert

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Qld Garden Expo at Nambour for BUG's

An adventurous group of gardeners braved the 6:30am chill at the Information Centre to board the BUGs Bus to the Qld Garden Expo at Nambour last Friday (7th July).

Driver Ray Beaman looked after us with comfort and coffee stops and bypassed the long car queues to drop us right at the main entry.

The Expo is huge - with over 200 exhibitors ranging from every type of plant to the latest in garden aids and growing options. The speaker program was also very impressive, operating across 5 stages with presentations from gardening identities and exports on the hour from 9am to 3pm.

Much to see and take in - I only caught up with two of our group the whole day. The organisers were expecting 40,000 visitors over the three days.

Gardening01 Gardening02 Gardening03 Gardening04 Gardening05 Gardening06    
Brendan Dever

Beaudesert U3A Cards

There are two interesting and challenging card games which are currently being played by Beaudesert U3A members.

Two main benefits of card playing is that it is good for the brain as memory is stimulated and provides an enjoyable social interaction.

There are plenty of spots available for members new to cards or for those who are considering a comeback. Every one is welcome so don't be shy.

Monday 12:30pm - 4:00pm - The Club Beaudesert
Thursday 12:00pm - 4:00pm - St James' Anglican Church hall

Contact: Di 0468 849 448

BoliviaHand PatMarciaDi
Diane Rewko
Publicity Officer

Sewing Group

Apron construction was project number 1 for participants of the ten week U3A Basic Sewing course facilitated by Gay, a former Beaudesert High school languages teacher.

Gay, who sews for a hobby, is keen to share learnt tricks of the trade to those who either want to learn dressmaking or to improve on existing skills. Ladies like Sonya and Bernie, who also have had experience in embroidery, knitting and crochet. Coleen, keen to get back into sewing said "she was seeking motivation" and Marjorie, who used to sew a lot was looking to renew the passion. Tereasa, new to Beaudesert U3A, is a crafter, whose first love is doll making, with some of her amazing work being displayed at the Beaudesert Arts and Information Centre.

Contact: Gay 0422 440 981

SewingGroup SewingSamples
Diane Rewko
Publicity Officer

Trivia Puzzling

Test your general knowledge with the U3A Beaudesert trivia group meeting on Wednesday afternoons at St Thomas's Anglican Church hall.

The group are "heads down" at 1.30pm ready to tackle questions that are sourced from TV, magazines and everyone's favourite, Google.

With three sets of 25 questions to get through, covering a wide range of subjects from geography, history, music and films, just to name some, the afternoon can fly by.

Afternoon tea provides the chance for members to have a chat, as the focus is on fun and socialising as well as learning.

Contact: Jenny 0439 138 212

TriviaPat Trivia04 Trivia02 Trivia05
Diane Rewko
Publicity Officer

Roll up at U3A Beaudesert Indoor Bowls

Combine three mats, plenty of space and a little friendly rivalry, it is no wonder that the Beaudesert U3A indoor bowlers look forward to their Friday morning games.

Des, after years of playing golf, took up indoor bowls and has been playing for fifteen years all up. A passionate car collector in the day, Des sported a yellow Chevrolet, a favourite of his 24 car collection.

Alf, who has also played indoor bowls for many years, firstly with the Uniting Church Men's group and more recently the Beaudesert U3A is in it for the fun.

Facilitator, Terry has been playing the game for around three years and also enjoys attending Beaudesert U3A line dancing classes.

Newest member, Dianne has been with the group for only seven weeks, along with Heather, who has been playing for four months. Both are keen to learn from experienced players, like Barbara who can consistently edge her bowl the closest to the jack.

Did you know?
The "jack" is derived from the Latin word jactus and means a cast or throw.

If you think you have what it takes, come along to St Thomas's Anglican church hall, on Friday mornings 9-12 noon.

Contact: Terry 0428 627 673

BowlsGroup Dianne
Diane Rewko
Publicity Officer


With an average of 25 people attending Beaudesert U3A table tennis and four tables available to play on, there is bound to be some guaranteed noise and action. With a round robin format, similar to that of U3A social tennis, everyone gets a turn.

Ken, one of the two official co-ordinators loves playing the game and has done so from an early age and has been with the U3A group for the last eight years.

Annette and Di have been playing with the group for around three years each. Annette looks forward to playing each week, as does Di who loves the variety of activities that Beaudesert U3A offers. Peter says "Thursday is the best day of the week".

So if you are looking for a fun exercise and good companionship, come along and give table tennis a go.

Thursdays, 8:30-12 noon, St Thomas's Anglican church hall

Contact: Glenda 0418 771 758 or Ken 0408 703 388

KenAnnette PauletteKevPeterFred
Diane Rewko
Publicity Officer

"Try before you buy" chances in two activities

If you have an interest in mosaics or line dancing, now is the time to take advantage of the Be Healthy and Active program which is sponsored by the Scenic Rim Regional Council.
Both activities are available for non-members of U3A to try out over a period of up to ten weeks, before making any decision about joining U3A.
The only expense is a small ($3) contribution to room hire/ refreshments for each session.

The Mosaics group meets at the Arts and Information Centre at 2-14 Enterprise Drive from 1.30 to 3.30 pm on Mondays. This is a creative and energetic group, which enjoys the occasional social outing as well as sparking each other into varied and attractive artistic creations!

This year everyone at the Mosaics classes was encouraged to enter their work into the Beaudesert show, a few of the ladies were up for the challenge, and look what happens when you enter... prizes, prizes and more prizes I applaud you all for entering and congratulations to those of you who won a prize.

Well done ladies!

Contact Tina on 0418 780 861 for more information.

DebbieFirst DebbieEncourage MargaretSecond JennyCommended

Line dancing: a fun way to exercise

So you've heard about line dancing, but don't feel quite sure what it's all about? At Beaudesert U3A we are happy to invite anyone interested to come along and see for themselves.

Our line dancing group meets every Tuesday afternoon at The Centre in Brisbane street in the large air-conditioned main hall, making distancing easy while exercising. This is a relaxed beginner group with many easy dances and some slightly more challenging, all with plenty of help on hand for "newbies."

To choose each week's dances, we have a repertoire of about 30, gradually adding to this from the hundreds written up online (called step sheets) from simple sequences of 16 steps to 64-step sequences with more complex choreography. The music and styles cover almost all genres including country, rock 'n' roll, cha cha, swing and even waltz. And because we need to dance to it, the music is always catchy and/or melodic.

I asked some of our group of 25 why they line dance:

"It's enjoyable exercise"
"Love the variety of music"
"You don't need a partner"
"It has improved my balance"
"This gives me team camaraderie and mental stimulation"

Our line dancing group is partially subsidised by the Scenic Rim Regional Council's Be Healthy and Active program, meaning that we can offer the weekly class for $3 per session. Non-members of U3A are welcome to "try before you buy" for this activity for some weeks without joining U3A, paying just the weekly fee, although they need to join if they decide it is for them...which then entitles them to check out and join any other of our varied activities

Contact Yokie on 0407 171 813 for more information.



Ongoing advice on Covid

COVID-19 remains a potentially serious disease. Do not attend any U3A functions or courses if any of the following apply to you. Please notify your tutor or facilitator of the circumstances.
• if you are unwell and have COVID-19 symptoms – fever (37. 5°C or higher) or symptoms of COVID-19
• if you are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
• if you live in a household with a person who is currently self-isolating
• if you are waiting on a COVID-19 test result

We're all looking forward to another step in 'back to normal'. Please take care of yourselves, and follow appropriate COVID-19 precautions.

Brendan Dever
President 0418 192 999

Last Update 29 September 2023.

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