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Tutor for Aqua Aerobics & Flipper Class

Email: euraman@skymesh.com.au

Aqua Aerobics and all water Exercise has been a popular way of keeping fit for years, particularly for people with certain health problems or those recovering from injury or surgery, as Aqua is very low impact.

Now there is a growing trend to extend its appeal to both male and female fitness enthusiasts using specialized equipment to extend the normal range of exercise.

Water exercise is commonly advocated for people with the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Soft-tissue injury
  • Cardiac patients
  • Joint problems
  • Obesity
  • MS
If you do suffer from any of these conditions, and are unsure whether you should join an aqua class you should speak with your doctor before undertaking any exercise.

Aqua has the potential to appeal to a wide range of people regardless of their age or fitness level, as this form of low impact exercise is very gentle on the body because the water supports 50% of you body weight, while keeping your body temperature down.

The Beaudesert Pool temperature is around 29C, so it is very comfortable for all clients. In a U3A Class you can work at your own pace and ability, as this class in conducted by a U3A member who understands that in some cases our bodies are limited to a specific range of movement and ability. The class can be done with the head out of the water if the client has problems with water confidence. Over time the participant will find they will gain more flexibility, confidence and strength and are able to push themselves a little more each time they attempt a set of exercises. As we progress into the class and improve our level of fitness and strength we will be looking at using light hand weights.

Classes are under way now starting from 07.30a.m. to 08.30a.m.


Water (to drink): Rag Hat or shade: Sunglasses: Sun shirt: Clean old rubber soles runners: Sunscreen: Flippers  (This is all optional, but I prefer my class to wear foot and sun protection for class.)

We will provide Kick boards and Noodles.  You will need to provide your own hand weights (later on).

Pool Entry charge only applies, but you must be a financial member of U3A which is $25 yearly