george Evans Yvonne Stuart Dianne Kelly

          Tutors:                 George Evans,      Yvonne Berry,       Stuart Gearey,     Dianne Kelly,        

Our group activities

We are a mixed group ranging from newbies to intermediate and experienced members with a wide range of computer skills, several tutors are usually available and generally all members participate in helping each other.

The groups activities include the exchanging of views, the raising of questions, discussion of the latest trends in the computer world and helping to solve group members computer related problems.

Most members bring their laptop along to have their problem solved on their own computer.
Alternatively we use the Beaudesert U3A laptop to explain and try to solve the members problem that way.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed and friendly format to enable full participation by each member.

There are various opportunities for advanced computer courses, if you have a specific interest please let us know.

Our usual meetings

This year we have decided to hold meetings on the first and third Monday of each month. The Venue is on the 1st Floor of the Beaudesert RSL Sub Branch located in Bisbane St Beaudesert.

Our sessions, with some flexibility, will be as follows:

Each meeting starts with a short discussion on varied topics, each member asked to contribute. (Approximately 30 minutes).

Members are asked to record the computer problem they need help with on the roster for hands on assistance.

Topics raised will either be dealt with there and then or investigated by one of the tutors and dealt with at a later meeting. (Approximately one hour).

From time to time there will be a presentation of a specific subject. (Approximately one hour).

The rest of the meeting will be by way of general computer hands on activities. (thirty minutes).

We have accumulated a large number of hand outs on varied computer related subjects, copies being available on our website and we suggest you investigate what is available.