Documentation supplied by U3A Network

Hints for Powerpoint

Introducing Powerpoint 2007 ppt

Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 basic v2 ppt

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 basics ppt

Note on Powerpoint 2007

Powerpoint Shortcuts

Other programs

Excel Tutorial (.pdf format)

Excel Tutorial (.doc format)

IPAD Docs Courtesy of Colin McGuire Toowoomba U3A

Ipad Basic User Notes. Link Toowoomba

Ipad Key Features Part A. Link Toowoomba

Ipad Key Features Part B. Link Toowoomba

Basic Guide to Ipad. Link Toowoomba

Using Your Ipad as a Travel Guide. Link Toowoomba


Digital Rights Management

E-Book authors

E-Book titles

Computer security explained

Google Gutenberg Project free E-Books

Handed out at computer classes

About your Tutors

Before you call for Tech support

Computer security explained

Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste 2

Email etiquette

Email programs ISP or Internet based

Email attachment added to other email

Email signature


Gmail pop up send/attach menu

Hard drive clean up

Having a computer problem

Nettiquette (by Griffith University)

Program removal (.pdf file)

Program removal (Open Office file)

Removing Malware (.doc file)

Search for lost files

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