The following courses are in our planning stage.
If you are interested in helping to start any of the activities or just interested in joining one please contact our Course Co-ordinator Laurel Fechner.


Social Outings: A once a month activity where we car pool and venture out for a not too expensive lunch and visit a local attraction, such as The Donkey Farm at Boonah, shopping or looking at the Gallery walk, Tamborine or any other venture like that. Great opportunity to meet other U3A members or opportunity to join in with U3A members.
Contact Laurel. Phone 5541 2072

Monthly Theatre/Movies Lovers outings:. Phone Laurel 5541 2072

Chess If you are interested in learning to play chess or are looking for some one to play with Phone George 5541 0706

Creative writing: Do you want to write your life history, your family history or just write, are you interested to do an on line course through the U3A Queensland Network? Contact Laurel. Phone 5541 2072 Travel and Adventure Group contact Ray 0447 554480

Calligraphy Contact Sue 5544 3136 smb@skymesh.com.au

Submit any subject you would like to share your knowledge of contact Laurel phone 5541 2072

We continue to look for Tutor/Facilitators interested to help small groups above or tutor their own subject.

All participants must be paid up members of Beaudesert U3A ($25.00) per annum and each session has a minimum fee of $2.00 towards Venue expenses (tea/coffee, aircon etc).
If necessary extra Course costs for photocopying will be set by Tutors.

"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old"

Course Co-ordinator: Laurel Fechner
Phone 5541 2072
Email:Laurel Fechner

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