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Beaudesert U3A Gardeners or BUGs is a group of like-minded people with an interest or a passion for gardening. We meet on the 3rd Friday of each month between February and November, with the gatherings in two formats:

- ‘Home’: Meet at The Club (RSL) Function Room, Beaudesert at 10am
Meetings typically include a guest speaker, exchanges of plants, books, ideas and anything else pertaining to the garden. And the most important part of the meeting –catching up with old and new friends over a cuppa.

- ‘Away’: Visits to members gardens, garden shows etc.
These gatherings will be a mix of visits to members gardens, garden shows etc. The November meet is our end of year function, generally held at a members garden.

U3A members are welcome to come along to any meeting to decide whether they are interested, even if they don't have a garden of their own. Gardeners are a generous lot who enjoy sharing and find time spent getting down and dirty very therapeutic.

Email: u3abugs@ozemail.com.au
Facebook Group: Beaudesert U3A Gardeners (BUGs)

Meets every 3rd Friday, February to November.


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Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2021

Hello Bugs,
Hi Bugs, The Carnival of Flowers trip was hugely successful with 66 people on the trip.
We went to the Japanese Garden and and the grand champion garden at 112 Neale street. Then it was off to Loreal bank Park, Queens Park and lastly on the way home to Pete's Hobby native nursery at Lowood.

All were special and individual in their own way, Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with the mask wearing not to much of a pain.
We arrived home a bit late to Beauy with passengers collecting their plants and bags when it was nearly dusk. You have heard of a Pub crawl, well we had a Garden crawl. Fantastic.

I have learnt a few more changes that need to be made, such as keeping the bus size down for passenger seating comfort. the bus company assured me that the bus was tops, but we were squeezed in too close.
Will look to a smaller bus with more internal room as in the size of the seats and isle movement. We can do the trip every year in order to level the spread of people, or if the numbers are great two smaller buses could materialise. It is on the drawing board to improve for next year.

There are some photos below of our trip and as you will see we had a super time and thanks to everyone of you who are helping to keep the garden therapy alive.

The garden club wants to thank Mitre Ten for the items they donated for our trip and we are thankful for their ongoing support. They are so generous and have given products many times before. Please remember them when you need their products.

I big thank you to Margaret Collins for her assistance and advice in making the day such a success and help with general club activities.

Cheers Marilyn.

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