Tricia Tricia Edward,Tutor.

Phone: 5544 1462

I have been interested (some say obsessed) in researching my family for ten years since my son introduced me to this occupation. He lives in America and felt rather removed from family when his first child was born.

He infected me with his interest and now I supply him with details. It is great to have such a point of interest. I have traveled to Victoria and the United Kingdom to conduct my research which has been ongoing for ten years.

In setting up a Genealogy Club I hope to assist those researching their family by passing on hints I have learnt over the years. I intend to arrange informational trips to outlets providing assistance such as the Logan Library; the Mormon Church Family Search Centre; the State Archives, the State Library and any other avenues I find. As well as these avenues there is a wealth of information on the Internet and I believe members of the club will help another.

No set days as yet, but I am still willing to help out anyone who is interested, or wants to start a project.

Any enquiries should be directed to me.
Tricia Edward
Ph. 5544 1462
email: shikeo@bigpond.com

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