Nordic Walking

Lawrie Facilitator Liz Avery

Nordic walkers meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, usually from Beaudesert Library but sometimes at an "out-of-town" location so, if you want to join the group, contact Liz on 0488 155 506 to ascertain the leaving point. At the moment walkers start at 6.30am but this can change depending on the season. As it cools down we leave later and as it warms up, leave earlier. During the summer months we take advantage of our excellent local pool to walk (without poles) in the refreshing water. We go to the pool every day in summer at 7.30am as this is when the serious swimmers have gone. There are two designated lanes for walkers/slow swimmers.

While we attract comments such as "are you looking for the snow?" etc, there is value in walking with poles. You are protecting your hips and knees while getting a whole body workout. This is far more effective than walking "pole-less".

Everyone is welcome, with or without poles. Sturdy walking shoes recommended. Some of our walkers find the approximately 5km walk too taxing so they simply walk around the park where there are benches to rest on.

It is a lovely way to start the day as we check out different gardens and wildlife and help solve the problems of the world.

Nordic Walkers

Phone Liz on 0488 155 506