Do I have to take my clothes off?

That was my first question to Margaret after I agreed to join the others at the photo shoot.
She assured me that I need not fear- we were not required to ‘git nikid’.

The day broke clear and cool in the Scenic Rim. Ten of us squirmed and stretched to limber up our muscles and set out from Margaret and Hennie’s home to pose as ‘Super Models’ for a photo shoot at a couple of new retirement villages on the north side – one at Murrumba Downs and the other at North Lakes, and make a substantial donation for the Beauy Branch of the U3A. casting an experienced eye over the group it was obvious that we were selected for our good looks and youthful vitality.

Ten of us to travel and three vehicles to transport us; and the route laid out for the drivers by Hennie in an attempt to ensure that no one diverted from the charted course. As our Robbie Burns once famously wrote, “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft a-gley.”

Hennie checked out the new carriage ways to the departure gates of New Brisbane Airport and led Tex and his party on the same journey of discovery and I got to the destination only to drive into the complex, not recognise it as the destination and drive out again – not to return for another twenty minutes and numerous kilometers of ‘just having a look down here’. To add to the confusion there was road works at the entrance to the ‘Village’ and the ‘lollypop men’ on duty got to practice all of their special hand signals out on our team, as well as the finger gestures that were thought to be relevant at the time. They finally gave up in frustration and signalled us through each time we re-appeared at their station. I noticed their shoulders slumped considerably lower as we passed the fifth time. Hooray – we are there!!!

No harm done though – we were all present and correct at 9:45. We were still 15 minutes for the 10:00 deadline. The crew arrived and we were set to work immediately.

The first scene to shoot was a happy snap of a group of happy retirees at ‘happy hour’. A great way to start the day – the ‘stars’ on the slops at 10:30am – and the day just got better from then on. The photographer said he wanted to see Trisha Fraser on the bar – he later corrected himself to say he wanted to see her ‘at’ the bar. Whew! A great sigh of relief as we sorted that out.

We were forced to partake of little bits of finger food like miniature mud cake cupcakes, puff pastries, packets of chippies of all varieties and cups of tea and coffee before the next scene. It’s tough being a star, but now we understand how Megan Gayle must feel every day.

Just to make members fully aware of our mission, the mission that we accepted for the day, was to participate in a photo shoot and receive a cash incentive for the Beaudesert Branch of the U3A and the participants would receive refreshments and reimbursement of out of pocket expenses as well as have a great day out. The photos would be placing people of retirement age in typical scenarios at the retirement villages and the piccies would be used in promotional material for the retirement centers. Not a bad gig really for such a motley crew – Margaret and Hennie; Margaret and Tex White; Secretary Triscia Edwards; Trish Fraser; Rose Duffy; Rose Flanagan ; Shirley Rowe and myself.

The day kept right on at the same frenetic pace as we all stood around in various poses whilst the crew positioned us just ‘so, so’ to get the right shot to satisfy their graphic designer, David.

I’ve added a selection of the piccies that I took of the group hard at work on the day so all other members can feel pangs of jealousy as you read this story of the ‘Top Ten’ from beau U3A on the 16th May.

Charles Mogg

1 781 2 782 3 785 4 786 5 788

1 Rose Duffy, Rose Flanagan, Shirley Rowe 2 and Tricia Edward 3 The Beaudesert U3A team 4 Margaret Kendrick, Hennie van Dyk 5 Rose Duffy, Tex White, photo shoot team

More Photos

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1 Tricia Edward, Trish Fraser 2 Rose Flanagan, Margaret White 3 Shirley Rowe 4 Charles Mogg, Tex White 5 Advertising Director 6 Camera man, Advertising Director 7 Charles Mogg, Rose Duffy, Rose Flanagan, Tricia Edward 8 Tex White, Hennie van Dyk, Charles Mogg 9 Margaret Kendrick, Rose Flanagan 10 Rose Flannagan, Tex White, photo shoot crew

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