Facilitator: John Britten
Phone: 0428 844 041

If you have ever entertained the idea of learning to play an instrument then look no further than the Beaudesert U3A Ukulele group.

New members are welcome and can be a good opportunity to make some new friends while learning a new skill. With no prior musical experience needed and some ukuleles available to borrow, come along and join in the fun. Its never too late to learn.

Of the many health benefits attributed to listening to or playing music, like stress reduction and confidence building, taking music lessons in your senior years has been proven to stimulate your brain thus improving memory and cognitive function.

The friendly, supportive group, who enjoy playing music together meet on Thursday afternoons, GTM Studio 21, PO Square, 115 Brisbane Street 12.30-2.30pm..

Did you know?

Ukulele is also called a Uke, is part of the lute family and with Portuguese origin was made popular in Hawaii.

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